Intelligent machines are currently the order of the day in many of the automated processes of manufacturing and Assembly companies, security, speed and integration processes are a challenge, since they require a technology, advanced processes and equipment. In Speed Door we offer SD PROBOT, our high-performance rapid gate, made especially tailored to these needs.

Our SD PROBOT door for protection of machines, is the best barrier of security sector. It is equipped with vertical safety photocells preventive as well as buses of security hosted on the inside of the side guides. In addition, you can integrate directly into automated machinery control systems, and to complete this integration, excellent door security features shall comply with the following standards: PL d/Cat. 3, PL e/Cat. 4 (EN ISO 130849-1) and SIL 3 (62061).

Maximum dimensions: 4500 x 4000 mm.
Minimum threshold: 400 mm.

Vertical wrist: 120 mm.
Vertical wrist side motor side: 450 mm.
Bracelet vertical front motor side: 200 mm.


The SD PROBOT guides are manufactured with two aluminium profiles, which allow easy access for inspection and maintenance, as well as the upper drum cover.

We have several designs and colors according to your need such as Roll Tex, Noma Tex or PVC transparent with coloured bands of reinforcement, all flexible and resistant to tears. There are also welding anti UV Windows that meet the standard in 1598.

Weight ca: 2,35 kg / m²
Thickness: 2,00 ± 0.15 mm

K1% relaxed (tangential force at 1% elongation, established in accordance with the ISO 21181: 2005): 5.5 N / mm band width

Tolerance of working temperature: approx. - 10 A + 70 ° C

Max. short term: approx. 90 ° C

Electro-static properties: antistatic; the electrical resistance of an internal tissue or intermediate layer is <3 x 10 ^ 8 ohm. Measurement according to the norm ISO 21178
Resistance to temperature: - 28 ° to + 70 °
Lacquered: 2 faces
Windows: PVC, glass of high resistance

The PROBOT SD has a reducer motor with automatic disconnection in case of manual handling. In addition it can be installed both on the right and on the left side of the door and its position may vary in steps of 45 °. Its cover is made with steel sheet painted like aluminum.

Voltage: 400V
Power: 3CV / 1, 5HP

Protection: IP56
Brake: electromagnetic

Our machinery SD PROBOT protection door, has been designed according to the regulations of the EC and with the conditions of the directive of places of work of the UVV (regulations for the prevention of accidents in Germany), including also the standards within the framework of the European Parliament in 13241-1 and 98/37/EG. There are three essential security systems:

Electric safety contact band
The lower part of the door is controlled by an electrical contact band. To protect all personnel that can pass through the gate at the time of its closure, since when taking contact with the person, it will automatically open preventing a collision against the individual.

Safety sensor
SD PROBOT incorporates a sensor of safety as compliant PL d/cat. 3 and PL e/cat. 4 (EN ISO 13849-1), SIL (622061) indicating the positioning of the door closed, paralyzing the maneuver and/or work of the robot which protects.

Mobile photocell
Mobile photocell, is a safety mechanism that provides greater speed and detection, at the time of closing, without contact with personnel to pass through the door to door.

Speed Door uses a control panel that complies with the regulations in force in their roll-up door. It allows this man, opening and closing, automatic, semi-automatic operation and automatic operation. It has connection to portable programmer and anti-intrusion function. It also allows to keep the detector this man even when security fails.

CONTROL and push-button (optional): Handles ceiling - photocells - Motion Detector and presence - issuing distancia-pulsadores additional-interconexionada with any machine, roller, or assembly line.