SPEED DOOR ESPAÑA S.L. It is intended that the quality of the automatic doors, which designs, manufactures and installs are a true reflection of our way of working and that this will allow us to differentiate ourselves from our competition and is a source of personal pride.

Being this way of working which ensure success and permanence of our company and our jobs.

To accomplish this we must:

  1. 1. Commit ourselves to providing our services appropriately to meet the needs, expectations and confidence of our customers and other stakeholders in a clear.

  2. 2. Controlling our costs so that the level of quality will not be achieved at the expense of possible losses in the company that would jeopardize our jobs.

  3. 3. Comply with regulations (safety, health and risk prevention, etc.) necessary, as well as all applicable requirements.

  4. 4. Improve our way of working continuously, from the mistakes and indications of staff and clients that are suitable.

  5. 5. Every employee of SPEED DOOR ESPAÑA S.L. It is responsible for the quality of its work and the continuous improvement of the same.

If our company, starting with management, we are committed in this policy will ensure the future and the stability of our company, since:

  • If we offer a few services in terms of quality and price appropriate to what the customer expects, we will get a satisfied customer.
  • A satisfied customer is a customer who will return to trusting us in upcoming needs relating to installations or electrical assemblies
  • A satisfied customer is a customer of the future who will speak well of us to other potential customers.
  • If we assure not only the client, but also the future, we ensure the continuity of our company, and therefore our salaries and stability.
    Annually the quality objectives will be defined to ensure that our quality policy is reviewed and compliance and that intend to ones goals concrete improvement.

Management is committed to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system and comply with legal and regulatory requirements of the customer.

All the practical details of how to carry out this policy of quality, are described in the documentation of the system of quality management of the company, set to lead our work to a successful conclusion.


FDO. and approved management